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Lesson-Based Residency

LESSON-BASED RESIDENCIES allow professional musicians to work directly with a school's existing band, orchestra, or choir through small group sectionals and/or large group rehearsals by focusing on instrument technique as well as theoretical and stylistic elements of music. PopsEd also helps build in-school or after-school music programs such as a chorus or guitar ensemble.



Using contemporary "street percussion" or traditional musical instruments, CREATIVITY/COMPOSITION-BASED RESIDENCIES provide students with an immediate means to express themselves through the composition and performance of their own original music. A variety of literary and core curriculum concepts – such as rhyming, mathematics, history, and creative writing – are taught and used in conjunction with basic musical and lyrical techniques.


Concert-Based Residency

The CONCERT-BASED RESIDENCIES are produced in public schools, community centers, hospitals, and senior centers. The series uses a variety of genres and styles of music to create interactive and entertaining experiences outside of the concert hall. It is customizable in size of ensemble, theme, and number of concerts.


Establishing Residencies

Each PopsEd program is developed individually with each school or organization to fit their specific needs and budget.

To bring PopsEd to your organization, contact:

The New York Pops Education Department




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